A backyard retaining wall increases the beauty of the home and garden and protects the land from being eroded. However, homeowners often overlook and neglect this and construct a wall without any proper planning. If you live in hilly or sloppy land, you will surely understand why constructing a retaining wall is important for conserving the land.

Retaining walls hold the soil in the right place without disturbing the stability. People use different materials, including concrete, timber, or large boulders, to make this structure for their gardens or lands. Taking this design lightly can cost a huge price if the structure fails to protect you. Even if you live on a leveled land, it is better to build a retaining wall for home improvement because it will increase the beauty and trap the sediments. Here, we will disclose some of the mistakes that have the potential to cause a massive crash to the wall.

4 Mistakes That Can Collapse a Backyard Retaining Wall

1. Wrong materials

Sometimes people choose the wrong materials like softwoods, unstable bricks, and so on. While choosing the materials for building the wall, you have to be careful. For example, if an owner lives in a region where the precipitation is frequent, he should avoid using the woody materials because these can get rotten and decomposed. Blocks, concrete, rubble stones are better options for making a retaining wall as their internal chemistry and structures rarely change. Larger temperature fluctuations may easily cause a crack or cervices even in the concrete because every matter tends to increase its volume in higher temperature and decrease the volume in lower temperature.

2. Poor drainage system

When the drainage system behind the wall is not good enough, it traps water and decreases the shear strength of the soil. Shear strength refers to the resistance power of the earth against any stresses. When water molecules enter between the particles, the frictional resistance decreases, and thus the earth losses its strength because of the lubricating nature of water molecules. Consequently, when the stresses become too high, the land slips and landslides take place. In addition to this, drainage can also increase the hydrostatic pressure, which can be responsible for pushing the structure.

3. More weight behind the wall

Sometimes people construct 1 foot high wall, but they don’t know that the height of the wall and the width of the base determines the amount of pressure the wall can stand with. If you notice that the weight behind the wall has become too much, and the wall can hardly tolerate the pressure, it will be a better option to reinforce the wall. Reinforce the concrete, and extending the foot can provide better support.

4. Maintenance

This is the last problem because many homeowners or designers don’t focus on the maintenance of the wall. Remember that the climate has a strong effect on the weathering process, and temperature and rainfall can easily degrade the structure no matter how hard it is.

These are the four major problems that can cause a massive failure in the structure of a backyard retaining wall. Therefore, you should be careful of these issues during the construction of the retaining wall.


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