A steep yard or flat terrace can be made using the retaining wall. It helps to prevent the erosion of the soil to a greater extent. The building of this wall can be so simple, and even a regular Joe can make it. You may create one for yourself if you keep the thing simple.

Aesthetic beauty may be found because of the presence of the retaining wall. In addition to practical benefits, it eradicates soil erosion and provides tranquility with privacy in the outdoor area. This type of wall provides great value to homeowners and gives a return on the investment.


A wide range of materials is needed for the retaining wall. Depending on some variables, it can be said which one works best. The budget regarding the project, style sense, and nuances are all related to this question.

Homeowners often use the following materials for the best creation of the retaining wall.

Concrete blocks

In the market, there are varieties of concrete blocks with different shapes, colors, and textures. Among them, concrete blocks with the interlocking facility are co-efficient and durable. We need not utilize mortar here, and these are fully water and fire resistance.

Railroad ties

It is a proven inexpensive option but has a great downside. It requires great labor for drilling and sawing, which can be proven as a clunky work.

Natural stone

It may seem so costly at the beginning, but the homeowner should keep in mind that retaining walls need very less maintenance if it is made with the natural stone.


Brick provides a very polished look, but it may come with a greater cost as the materials are so costly. Homeowners are advised to hire a professional to get the best result.


Cinder blocks are sold at a lower price. Though it is not so attractive, we can paint beautifully on its surface.


Concrete can look very attractive when that is beautified with the stone veneer or paint. This type of barrier is comparatively inexpensive than the others. But a real problem may arise when we are going to remove or repair it.

Building the retaining walls

If the masonry block is not taller more than three feet, we can easily create a retaining wall without any use of the mortar. This is just for the newbies, but experienced ones are capable of doing something more. Novices are advised to fulfill their ambitious goals with the support of a landscape designer.

In the beginning, a builder has to mark where he wants to construct the retaining wall. Then, he is encouraged to take the stakes of the wood and draw a mason line. After removing all the plant materials and debris such as straws, grass from the place, he must prepare the soil. A shovel can help greatly to dig the trench into accommodating the first row of the masonry. In every eight-inch, the trench will go down one inch deep. A retaining wall is three feet tall, and the primary masonry course must be placed below the ground. After completing all these taking the professionals’ help, we must set all the blocks gradually one after another so that it can take a tight hold.

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